Information you should know before completing this application:
- Contact us for final puppy pricing, including deposit and timing. We do not accept deposits until the puppies are actually born and thriving.
- Puppies are not placed based on a first application received automatically gets first choice theory – rather, we choose a wide range of homes from all the applications received to make sure we will have the right puppy for your family.
- We do not allow homes to choose their puppy. We will pick a puppy for you based on our observations, discussions with you about your household and lifestyle, and their 7 week temperament test results.
Please copy the application below into a word processing document and complete all fields and questions. Save as a word document or PDF and attach in an email to
Address, City, State & Zip:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
1. How did you hear about CopperTop Australian Terriers?

2. Are you interested in a male, female, or no preference?

3. Are you interested in a Blue/Tan or Red puppy, or no preference?

4. Do you live in a detached house, townhouse/condo, or apartment?

5. Do you own your home or do you rent?

6. What is the size of the yard/outdoor space?

7. Is it fenced? If yes, what type of fencing (i.e. invisible fence, 4’ chainlink, 6’ wood privacy fence, etc.)?

8. Is your home in an urban/downtown, suburban, or rural area?

9. How many people are in your household, what are their names, and ages?

10. If you do not currently have children, do you plan on having children any time in the next 12 – 18 months?

11. How many hours a day would your puppy be home alone?

12. Where will your puppy spend most of its time during the day?

13. Where will your puppy spend most of its time at night?

14. Have you ever owned a dog in the past? If so, what breed(s), what experiences did  you have with them, and why are they no longer with you?

15. What other pets currently live in your household?

16. Please include your veterinarian's name, address, and phone number (if you don’t currently have a pet please include the information of the vet you plan to use)?

17. What are you interested in doing with your Aussie (family pet, conformation, obedience, agility, therapy dog, rally, dock diving etc.)?

18. How much time do you have to exercise your puppy each day (not just stick them out in the yard by themselves, but actually take them for a walk/hike/swim/fetch/training session/etc.)?

19. How do you plan on exercising your puppy?

20. Why do you want to own an Australian Terrier?

21. Do you plan to spay or neuter your puppy?

22. If you do not plan to spay/neuter – do you plan on breeding your puppy down the road? If yes, have you ever bred dogs before?

23. Are you aware that Australian Terrier’s can be challenging to house train and often times are not reliable until 9 months of age or even older?
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