Nikki is our senior diabetic rescue Australian Terrier. She is simply adorable and stole our hearts at first sight.
Nikki found herself abandoned at 7 years old to a shelter following her diabetes diagnosis. Her family simply couldn’t afford the treatment and medicines required to manage and maintain a diabetic dog. After nearly a year in foster care, a rescue organization reached out to Australian Terrier Rescue for assistance in placing Nikki. As a board member for Australian Terrier Rescue, I saw the request and hoped someone would adopt this sweet girl. Shortly after Nikki’s story hit the ATR Facebook page my phone rang and it was Vicki! She insisted that I get in the car and make the long journey to collect our next family member, Nikki. I did and the rest is history.
Nikki settled in quickly and has taken her role as Senior Princess of CopperTop Farm very seriously. She is sassy and sweet, loyal and loving, and knows how to fluff the pillows “just right” for a great nap. She has been an amazing addition to our family. She has her diabetic struggles but is certainly living her best life.
It is important for us to give back to the breed that has given us so much. Nikki makes this easy.
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