Arlene Lancaster
I can say from personal experience there are no two women I have more respect and admiration for than Jennifer Sousa and Vicki McKee. I know first hand how dedicated and deeply caring they both are when it comes to their dogs. The welfare of their dogs comes first no matter what is going on in their personal lives. They are totally committed to breeding, showing and raising exceptional quality Australian Terriers. As a person looking for a healthy happy companion puppy, I found them friendly and always willing to answer questions or share knowledge even after their puppies leave them for their forever homes. I also have great respect for the fact that they are fully involved in Australian Terrier Rescue. To them every dog matters and should get the best chance at a good life. When you talk with this team of incredible women their love for Australian Terriers shows in their enthusiasm and caring when talking about their dogs and CopperTop Farm. In my opinion you couldn't make a better choice than to be lucky enough to get a CopperTop puppy!!

Sally & Becky Ward
We've known Jen and Vicki for years and during the pandemic we would often sit socially distanced in their backyard. At our first visit, one of their new to the pack Australian Terriers, Syrah from Scotland, would sit between us and never leave our side. Vicki said "It's like she knows she's your dog already!" We couldn't argue that she had indeed picked us. We trust CopperTop Australian Terriers completely with Syrah, whether it's breeding, grooming or just a fun play date at the farm. This is our first AT and she is Mary Poppins...practically perfect in every way!
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